Esri Utility Network – there is an alternative!

The NW GIS Utility User Group

I spent an interesting two days recently at the NW GIS Utility User Group, hosted by Portland General Electric (PGE) in Portland, Oregon. It’s an annual event organized by utility companies in the Pacific Northwest to talk about GIS, and included presentations from a number of utility companies, and vendors that are working with them.

It is a very Esri focused event in terms of technology. All five of the utility companies who attended this year use Esri as their GIS system of record. This was the first year that IQGeo has been invited, since in the last year three of the utilities attending have selected IQGeo as their mobile platform to work with Esri. We’re excited by the momentum we’re seeing for IQGeo solutions among Esri utility customers at the moment.


The Esri Utility Network

It was interesting for me to see quite a number of detailed presentations on the Esri Utility Network, from Esri and multiple partners and utilities. These presentations reconfirmed for me the major challenges that Esri and their customers face with this, much delayed, new platform for utilities that is intended to replace their existing ArcGIS product. As anyone in the Esri utility world knows, moving to the new Utility Network platform is a complex and costly multi-year project. You are basically implementing a new GIS from scratch.

Presentations on the business benefits for the change really didn’t offer any business case. The main advantage over the current Esri product line is improved network modeling capabilities, but GE Smallworld and Intergraph have offered similar functionality for 20+ years, as Eric Charette comments in this article.


Esri Utility Network – There IS an alternative!

Given the high cost, complexity and risk of implementing the Esri Utility Network, it surprises me that many organizations don’t seem to be evaluating alternative software options. The only explanation I can think of is that they perceive that there are no realistic alternatives.

I gave the final presentation of the conference and shared details on our, soon to be released, Network Manager product that provides a very compelling alternative to the Esri utility network. This received a great response from the delegates. We have been building our geospatial platform since 2010, using modern web and mobile technologies, and have rolled out some of the largest and most successful web and mobile projects in the industry at large utilities and communications companies. We are now adding full network editing and workflow (versioning) capabilities to enable our IQGeo platform to fully replace traditional GIS products.


I explained how our approach has many compelling advantages over Esri and the other traditional GIS players. The single most important advantage is our “mobile-first platform that provides one common architecture in which all our applications can run in any web browser or on any mobile device, online or offline. So much of the usage of geospatial data in infrastructure companies is in the field, and it’s also where all changes to the network happen. To improve data quality and timeliness, users need the capability to record network updates in the field in a simple and increasingly automated way.

IQGeo geospatial software utility phone screenshots

Another key advantage of the IQGeo platform is our usability. We’ve re-imagined how to address complex network editing applications in a way that is dramatically simpler than the traditional GIS products. This is something that is much harder to do than many people think, yet it’s crucial to expanding the ability to do updates in the field to improve data quality and timeliness.


Network Manager has other significant advantages that we will talk about much more in upcoming posts and other communications. But for now, I will conclude by saying to Esri customers that the IQGeo platform is a compelling alternative to the Utility Network. The Utility Network offering is just another iteration of a traditional GIS product that brings Esri’s network modeling in line with what competitors have had for years. At IQGeo we have completely rethought what an enterprise geospatial platform should be. We offer one common architecture across all mobile devices and any web browser, enabling more and more data updates to be pushed out to the field in an increasingly automated fashion. This combined with hugely better usability that enables everyone throughout the organization to leverage the power of geospatial data to improve productivity and collaboration.


You owe it to yourselves to evaluate the new capabilities that IQGeo offers rather than being resigned to a complex and expensive migration to the Utility Network. Visit our Network Manager product overview page to find out more. 


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