Innovation, Information, Integration and Inspiration at CycloMedia Panorama Day, June 28, 2019

IQGeo partner CycloMedia held its Panorama Day in Frankfurt am Main on June 28th, an annual event for people in the utility and telecommunications sectors to share their practices and exchange ideas on the use of CycloMedia’s 3D panoramic images. The event is built around customer presentations that showcased the innovative ways they are using the CycloMedia technology to improve the efficiency of their businesses. IQGeo was invited to demonstrate how CycloMedia’s technology integrates with our own geospatial myWorld platform.

At the event, I noticed two key themes dominating the conversations.

  • Smart City concepts with Smart Energy solutions
  • How utilities are using digital workflows to improve network reliability 


Smart City concepts with Smart Energy solutions

There was a lot of interest and focus on innovative Smart City and Smart Energy concepts like ADMS, and the challenges involved in deploying these exciting new technologies. A presentation from Microsoft covered topics about possible solutions that fall within the new Smart City strategy, broken down into two key areas: sustainable cities and digital cities. This included topics such as Public Safety, Urban Mobility, Carbon Management, Energy Distribution Management, Health and Social Services, etc.

The big challenge cited for the next year is the smart synchronization of all data sources. Finding a simple way for people in the field and office to make full use of new sensor technologies and the analytics that they provide in a Smart City ecosystem.    


How Utilities are using digital workflows to improve network reliability

Some utilities presented new and innovative digital workflows, such as for the maintenance of their street lighting network. They outlined the business and technical challenges of digital house connections including the need to improve network reliability and capacity, and used the growth in e-mobility as an example of additional pressures facing networks today. One cable provider gave delegates an overview of their digital processes and strategies in sales and the rollout of new networks.


Delegates were impressed with the pragmatic approach of the utility companies presenting and the benefits of 3D panoramic images that also include lidar data sets.

IQGeo and CycloMedia combining to help utilities with their business challenges

Utilities are today facing unprecedented challenges, so it was great to see so many at the event embracing new technologies in order to overcome business critical issues. We had a fantastic response to our demonstration of myWorld’s integration of the CycloMedia technology, with many seeing the real business value that it can deliver to their operations. The following myWorld capabilities were of particular interest to the delegates: 

  • Accurate and comprehensive data to help their daily business and accelerate their digital workflows
  • 3D panoramic images in combination with accurate network data, including real-time access to network information
  • An easy-to-use and adopt web-based, geospatial interface
  • Accurate measurements within a 3D environment that allows efficient analytics and queries of existing networks and the capture of related maintenance workflows


IQGeo enjoyed the energy and enthusiasm of the CycloMedia Panarama Day and we are already working with their team to present our exciting technology combination to existing customers and prospects in the utilities and telecommunications industries.


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