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Fiber operators can start fast and easily scale up with new IQGeo software editions

Cambridge, 01 Aug 2023 - IQGeo (AIM: IQG), a developer of geospatial software that is “Building better networks for telecom and utility operators, today announced three new editions of its Network Manager Telecom product to provide rapid startup for fiber network operators and a seamless path to automating and scaling up business processes. With the introduction of Insight, Professional, and Enterprise editions, organizations from private fiber network owners to large broadband and telecom operators can now begin with the edition that fits their current network management needs and seamlessly upgrade as their network requirements change.


“We hear consistently from fiber and broadband providers of all sizes that it’s essential to manage their networks using a single platform, with a common user experience. This Integrated Network approach across planning and design, construction, operations, and sales is a key differentiator for Network Manager Telecom,” says Richard Petti, CEO of IQGeo. “But at the same time, these operators differ widely in the scope of their networks, the number of users, IT resources, and the maturity of their processes. With this new launch, IQGeo is unique in offering such flexible deployment options with a clear growth path that protect our customer’s long-term technology investment.” 


The Insight edition is an ideal place to start for fiber network operators looking to replace spreadsheets, CAD drawings, and manual processes with an optimized network documentation solution. A packaged edition that can be up and running in hours, Insight delivers a fiber network model proven in 100’s of deployments around the world, laying the foundation for long-term business success.   


For network operators who want to extend their models and capture more data about their network the Professional edition is the right choice. Network templates can be quickly configured using a simple menu driven interface to define and add new network components. 


Operators with more complex processes and existing systems will select the Enterprise edition to customize their network model environment and take advantage of a full suite of optional workflow tools including automated fiber planning, construction and project management, and sales enablement. There are virtually no limits to the possibilities enabled by the Enterprise edition of Network Manager Telecom.  


To make the deployment of Network Manager Telecom even easier, IQGeo has created industry specific network model templates. The first three have been designed specifically for FTTH, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), and private network operators. These powerful model templates give new customers a competitive edge by accelerating fiber rollout and time to value, and IQGeo has plans to release additional templates in the future.   


“We’re excited about the three new editions of Network Manager Telecom,” adds Petti. “With different capabilities and price points, any fiber operator can now take advantage of an Integrated Network solution that supports their entire lifecycle.” 


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