Webinar - Reimagine your utility geospatial strategy

Distributed renewables, the proliferation of distributed energy resources (DER), IoT deployments, adoption of Electric Vehicles and increasing cyber security threats are all putting huge pressure on the utility sector to invest in their networks.  The broader workforce, not just a handful of GIS experts, must have access to the latest network asset details on any device, from anywhere. Field engineers need simple access to essential project details from their phone or tablet to quickly and easily capture as-built information, closing the data gap between the field and office.

With the recent launch of Network Manager, IQGeo is enabling utilities to reimagine their geospatial strategy. Specifically developed to help operators face these challenges by creating and managing a current, accurate view of network assets that can deliver efficiencies across the business, saving time and money while improving safety and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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  • A new approach based on a mobile-first architecture leads to a dramatic improvement in data quality and currency, and a significant reduction in data maintenance costs
  • You can improve the efficiency of your design process through having one common platform that works in the field as well as the office
  • Smart data models give your organization the agility to adapt to rapidly changing network technologies, providing a flexible digital twin of your physical network
  • IQGeo plays well with existing GIS solutions and can work alongside them in a variety of ways
  • You can implement IQGeo at a small fraction of the time and cost needed for traditional GIS upgrade projects

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