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Top 3 takeaways from DISTRIBUTECH 2023

After missing DISTRIBUTECH International in 2022 and the absence of the event in previous ...

By Steve Tongish, CMO at IQGeo
16th February 2023

A new approach to managing the evolution of the electric grid

Electric utilities are experiencing a major transition, with decarbonization, ...

The role of technology in grid modernization

A 4-minute interview with John Engel, Content Director at Clarion Energy and Andy Gay, ...

Modernizing electric networks for the decarbonized grids of tomorrow

While the future is uncertain, one thing that electric utilities know is that their ...

IQGeo's market predictions for 2022

Technology companies like IQGeo often craft prediction blogs about the year ahead. Often ...

By Steve Tongish, CMO at IQGeo
13th January 2022


The Business Case for a System of Record


Learn how to build a business case for managing your fiber network with a System of Record. In this webinar, we demonstrate the operational benefits of investing in a centralized network management solution and share strategies and metrics that prove a clear return on investment for years to come.

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